About Us

Started in 2008 to strengthen engineering in Academic Institutions, Automotive, Aerospace& Power Industries. Driven by our vision of being at the forefront of the nation’s industrial development, we help our clients with cutting edge technology in advanced test and measurements.

For the past 10 years, Innovative Solution has served as the most powerful driving force behind this industry's remarkable growth and successful completion of a countless number of projects throughout in India. We offer a wide range of customer-focused solutions, services and products for various industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Defence, Power, Railways, Transportation and Medical.

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We have domain expertise in various verticals and we specialize in providing end-to-end solutions for Test & Measurement, Data Acquisition, Customized Sensor Solutions and Navigation Systems.


Our vision is to be the customer’s first choice in mission-critical test and measurement equipment created for maximum effectiveness and with stunning design. Thanks to our reputation and a strong sales network, the company can offer employees many opportunities to work on the most eminent projects.


We provide data acquisition, test and measurement instruments that are used in the most advanced labs all over the world for developing rockets and satellites ensuring fast worldwide communication, new safer vehicles and products that are improving our everyday lives.Our engineering team has exceptional skill in data acquisition hardware specification, Electrical design and commissioning including strain gauging, sensor installation and calibration.